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Reports that Xbox One will include headset are false

by on05 July 2013

Apparently a mistake by the company’s UK distributor

Reports circulating that Microsoft has done another reversal and decided to include a wired headset with the Xbox One are not accurate. The rumors started from information circulated by one of the company’s UK distributors. Microsoft still has no plans to include a wired head set with the Xbox One.

There is no change; and Microsoft is not planning to include a wired headset, but instead is planning the release of an adaptor that will allow the use of Xbox 360 compatible headsets. It is unknown if this adapter will be included or sold. Microsoft still has not disclosed what their plans are for the adapter yet, but they plan to make an announcement closer to launch, according to sources.

The company believes that for many the ability to use the Kinect and take the ability of the microphone array on the Kinect is more than enough. The company has admitted that gamers will likely want to use a headset, and that is one reason the decision was made to offer an adapter. While the company has confirmed plans to sell a wired headset to match the new Xbox One, the company has not announced if they will be offering a wireless headset as well and if previous wireless headsets might be compatible with the Xbox One.

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