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Samsung buys Boxee

by on04 July 2013

Cloud based DVR streaming well and truly owned

Samsung has written a cheque for the Israeli and NYC-based streaming media and entertainment startup Boxee. The startup launched its latest hardware device late last, the Boxee Cloud DVR, which was rebranded from the Boxee TV.

It is not clear how much Samsung paid for the outfit, but it appears to have cost about $30 million. If this is correct that is not good news for Boxee which had managed to raise $26.5 million over the fast few years. The brings the entire Boxee team of around 45 people to work under Samsung’s roof. Word on the street was that Boxee might have had a few problems creating a sustainable business based on streaming hardware after starting out as a provider of media centre software.

It is fairly likely that Boxee will become an integrated part of Samsung TVs. It is not clear what will happen to the standalone Boxee line.

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