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BlackBerry to get Windows Live Services

by on12 June 2008


Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail access

Windows Live Services are coming to BlackBerry users. The Windows Live Services for BlackBerry will feature access to both Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Hotmail access in an easy to use BlackBerry application.

The Windows Live Hotmail access will be via BIS-E 2.5 and will feature real-time push delivery of Hotmail email. In addition, it will offer automatic login with easy integration support, as well as a branded Hotmail inbox icon.

The Windows Live Messenger with BlackBerry service is a fully branded client. It will offer BlackBerry push data performance and reliability with picture messaging, as well as emoticons and avatar support. In addition, it will offer multi-user chat and full address book integration.

While this seems to be a good addition to the BlackBerry for those that use the Messager and Hotmail services, we have to wonder if it is too little too late. It is good that BlackBerry is getting this support, but it really needed to happen a lot sooner before now. While we guess that it is better late than never, we have to say that it may not have the intended impact.

Last modified on 12 June 2008
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