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Apple unlockers face challenge

by on11 June 2008


What is the point?

The industry that arose to cope with Apple's overpriced and locked up iPhone seems set to go the way of the dodo and Princess Diana.

For a year a cottage industry has been set up to fight against Apple's tight control of its iPhone product by releasing unblocking software that allowed users to do what they liked with something they had bought.

It seems that after giving up on releasing more software that will brick the gizmo, Apple has decided that the best way to defeat the industry is to cut the price to something more reasonable and make it available in more countries. Customers could buy the iPhone from a carrier or from Apple
without activating them on a service plan, and that meant customers could go home and unlock the phones and never sign up with AT&T.

With the phone a lot cheaper, there is no reason for punters to use it in any way other than that which will appease the great polo-necked god, Steve Jobs.
Last modified on 11 June 2008
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