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HTC wants to grab 15% of smartphone market

by on25 June 2013


HTC wants to secure a 10- to 15-percent share of the global smartphone market. HTC CEO Peter Chou told shareholders that the company maintained a 4-percent share last year and that it is “determined” to do its best to expand to 10 to 15 percent.

Not that long ago, HTC had a 10-percent share of the market and in some markets its share was 30 percent, but then it had to face Samsung’s marketing juggernaut – and it got a bloody nose. Mind you, the fact that most consumers picked Samsung’s products doesn’t really mean that they are better. HTC was outspent by Samsung, plain and simple.

Chou said 2013 will be a “watershed year” for the company and it is clear the troubled smartphone market will try to capitalize on the success of the HTC One. However, although the HTC One is one of the best, if not the best Android phone on the market, HTC still lacks compelling products in the mid- and low-end, but this might change over the next few weeks.

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