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Foxconn to enlist thousands to work on Firefox OS

by on21 June 2013

Looking for OS, HTML5 and cloud programmers

Foxconn is apparently taking Firefox OS quite seriously. The manufacturer is planning to hire 2,000 to 3,000 developers to bolster its Firefox OS team, which sounds like a veritable army.

The skill set Foxconn is after is not surprising. It is looking for software engineers with experience in HTML 5 operating systems, HTML5 apps and cloud computing. The vacancies seem to be centred on Taiwan. Suicide prone candidates need not apply.

Foxconn is said to be working on more than five Firefox OS devices, which should cover all major market segments. Although the Firefox OS ecosystem is still dwarfed by Android and iOS, things could change if the new OS is backed by the likes of Foxconn.

It seems that Foxconn is no longer content with building Android and iOS gear for other brands, it wants to become a consumer brand in its own right and Firefox OS is its platform of choice.

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