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Samsung moves in on Nokia

by on13 June 2013

Finland, Finland, Finland it is the place I wanna be

Samsung Electronics is set to open a new research and development centre in Nokia's Finnish home town.

In what is being seen as a slap in the face with a smoked herring, Samsung’s newest R&D facility, its first in the Nordic region, is located in Espoo, Finland. Nokia has had its headquarters in the area since the days it was a rubber boot maker. The move follows the opening of R&D facilities in Finland by other technology firms including Huawei and Intel.

The country has a high concentration of engineers and software developers many of whom previously worked at Nokia or its off-shoots. Nokia has had to cut back on its own resources in recent years, laying off thousands of employees and selling its glass and steel waterfront office building in Espoo and leasing it back to conserve cash.

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