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Facebook adopts hashtag

by on13 June 2013

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Social notworking site Facebook has adopted the "hashtag," one of the most recognizable features of Twitter. Facebook will begin to roll out the feature on its social network, making it easier for users and advertisers to find hot spots of user activity around specific events or topics.

The hashtag, which appears as the # symbol and was first popularized on Twitter. It enables users to follow specific topics of conversation user comments. Facebook users will now be able to group comments on the same topic by typing the hashtag alongside a keyword - such as #fudzilla.

The hashtag was good at dealing with issues like political debates, television shows and sports. The Game of Thrones series wedding scene on HBO generated 1.5 million mentions on Facebook. The company is rolling out hashtags to roughly 20 percent of its users on Wednesday, with a full global launch expected in the coming weeks.

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