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HP kills off OpenVMS

by on11 June 2013

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HP has announced the end of support for various flavours of OpenVMS.


OpenVMS began life in 1977 as VAX/VMS on DEC VAX minicomputers. Later it was ported to DEC's fast Alpha RISC chips.  HP ported the software to the Itanium, but the tech titan has decided it can’t be bothered moving the code to the latest generation of IA64 chips. Word on the street is that HP is pulling the plug on future development of that chip anyway.

HP has announced that service support for Alpha and Itanium OpenVMS pre-version 8.4 will end in 2015 and support for Alpha will live on to 2016 and Itanium OpenVMS v8.4 until 2020. VAX-11/VMS was jolly popular business OS in the late 1970s. VAX/VMS ran minicomputers from small to mainframe-sized as well as personal workstations.

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