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Apple streamed keynote to Apple users

by on11 June 2013

Fair and square

We were quite upset last night when we realized that in order to see the Apple keynote the minimum requirement was Safari browser as well as iOS 4.2 or Mac OSX. This was a clear indication that no Windows user even heretics running Win on a Mac would be able to see the keynote. Needless to say Android tablet and phone users were excluded as well.

These are the official requirements: "The video stream requires Safari 4 or later on a minimum of Mac OS X Snow Leopard, or iOS 4.2 or later for those accessing the stream from a mobile device. Streaming via Apple TV requires second- or third-generation Apple TV with a minimum of software version 5.0.2. "

We were mesmerized by the fact that Apple didn’t want to show these new cool things to the rest of the world, to convert users on other platforms who are willing to migrate from PC to Mac or from Android to iOS, but it seems the arrogance of this big invasive company knows no boundaries.

The company came a long way from the smug-powered pre-iPhone Apple that hoped to think differently, to a close minded “stream only to Apple users” sort of affair. It is still great to be Apple, you can build incredibly big chips and put them inside iPhones and iPads and you can blackmail Intel and be the first and exclusive with hew dual core ultra-low power 15W Haswell CPUs before anyone else.

We have to admit that the iOS 7 overhaul looks handsome, the new Mac Air has great battery life and performance thanks to Haswell and Mac Pro bucket design looks innovative, but this hardly makes up for Apple’s blatant arrogance.

The official press release where Apple gives Microsoft Windows and Android users the finger is here.



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