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Buried Atari cartridges to be investigated

by on03 June 2013

Ontario film producer to investigate the legend

Those who lived through the Atari 2600 craze and the crash of the video game industry have heard about the legend where Atari supposedly crushed nine tractor trailer semi truckloads of Atari 2600 cartridges that were mostly E.T. and the 2600 port of Pac-Man, sending these nine truckloads of cartridges to their final resting place in a New Mexico landfill.

Fast forward to today: according to KRQE, an Ontario-based film production company, it has signed a deal with the Alamogordo City Commission of the state of New Mexico allowing the company to conduct and film what amounts to an archaeological dig to find these cartridges.

Details surrounding the dumping of the cartridges by Atari conflict, and there are many parts to the story that simply can’t be verified. The best of the Atari historians seem to mostly believe there is truth in this story; but there are those who think the entire thing was made up.

More details are expected in the months ahead as the actual dig gets on the way.

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