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Certified BitTorrent comes to QNAP NAS

by on10 June 2008


High performance stand-alone downloads

Perhaps one of the most interesting applications that has been making its way into the NAS arena is the use of NAS devices as BitTorrent downloaders. Unlike the typical PC, NAS boxes can provide abundant storage space in an energy efficient package. Now, QNAP is putting TS-109 II, TS-209 II, and TS-409 to work by providing a “Super High Speed Certified Embedded BitTorrent Engine” as part of the feature set of their NAS product line.

Featuring an embedded Linux OS, the TS-109 II, TS-209 II, and TS-409 feature the ability to use the DHT, TCP, and UDP tracker protocols in both encrypted and non-encrypted modes. With BitTorrent continuing to gain popularity with consumers, the new BitTorrent Certification program makes sure that devices are designed with the necessary compatibility to communicate across the Internet to take advantage of the popularity of the BitTorrent ecosystem.

QNAP offers the ability to control the QNAP NAS BitTorrent client with a Web interface and intelligent remote management functionality. The QNAP QGet application allows users to manage multiple QNAP NAS devices remotely. A QNAP device, for example, could be co-located in a local data center that has a much larger, higher bandwidth connection to the Internet. With the remote replication abilities of the QNAP NAS devices, downloaded files from BitTorrent can be quickly distributed to other QNAP NAS devices locally or remotely, no matter if they are across the Internet or on the same local network.

QNAP believes that with the popularity of BitTorrent downloading among consumers, the QNAP NAS devices offer a very attractive mix of abilities that consume much less power than the typical PC and leave your PC to perform other tasks while still being able to download.

Last modified on 10 June 2008
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