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US allows Iran to be flooded with Apple trinkets

by on31 May 2013

Make the masses malleable

The US has had a rethink about letting Iranians get their paws on technology toys. The United States plans to relax sanctions on Iran so that the country can bankrupt itself buying technology from the likes of Apple. The move will allow American companies to sell mobile phones, software and other technology used for personal communications to Iranians.

Apple has been specifically mentioned in all the press releases which means that the US sees the company as its secret weapon against the fundamentalist regime. Basically the idea is that if the Iranians have Apple phones they will have a rival religion which forces Iran to give money to the US. The country will be too busy queuing for the latest Apple gear and most of them will be weak from selling kidneys to buy the stuff to think about invading any countries or waging proxy wars.

Relaxing imports on Apple gear is weird given that the US has ramped up tough measures against Iran in recent years to slow development of the Islamic Republic's disputed nuclear programme. Some think the easing of sanctions on technology may be an attempt by the US government to develop goodwill with Iranian citizens before the Iranian national elections next month.

If it is then it is a recognition that social media played a big role in the wake of Iran's disputed 2009 presidential elections, used by the opposition "Green Movement" to marshal global attention to their cause, and later inspiring protesters in the Arab Spring revolts of 2011. The US might be trying to make sure that communication channels between Iran and the outside world are as open as possible.

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