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Neverhood Vets take to Kickstarter

by on29 May 2013

Pencil Test wants to make Armikrong

Members of the veteran team that designed the classic The Neverhood back in 1996 have formed a new studio. The new studio, called Pencil Test Studios, is trying to seek funding to make a new stop-motion Claymation title that will be called Armikrong.

The project is seeking $900,000 in Kickstarter funding and will be a new point-and-click adventure game that is similar to the classic The Neverhood. This time around, however, Armikrong looks to tackle space exploration with a crash landing on an alien planet with a blind talking alien dog; (and of course they are imprisoned in a fortress called Armikrong, hence the name).

Should the game reach its goal and become fully funded, it will be released in both Steam and DRM-Free versions for PC, Mac OS X, and Linux. The veterans involved with the project speak volumes for the potential success that this project could have. It certainly is worth having a look at if you enjoyed the Neverhood as much as we did back in the day.

Check out the Kickstarter details here.

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