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Nehalem gets previewed

by on06 June 2008


Roundup: Anand gets two

With Computex show coverage raging all around the net, there is a lot of info on upcoming products, but one must not forget those things available right now, either.

The guys over at Techpowerup tested the Ovislink AirLive AirVidee-2000 WiFi projector server, which is used to, as the name suggests, project video to a monitor or projector over WiFi. Aimed mostly at business users, this piece of equipment easily justifies its price. Although it lacks high definition output, the 1280x1024 resolution should be sufficient for most projectors, and it comes with a simple software that won't give you any headaches.

Overclockersclub have got their hands on A-DATA's G Series DDR2-800 kit that easily outperforms a set of Mushkin RAM working at 1000MHz. It's no wonder that the guys gave this kit a gold award, since it had a great overclocking result at only 1.9 Volts.

Our colleagues from Tweaktown have put MSI's 9600GT Hybrid Freezer card through some rough testing, and were extremely impressed by the Hybrid Freezer cooler. This card comes with 1GB of video memory, and while the specs aren't final yet, they hope that MSI will go for at least bit higher factory overclock. Both them and us, would love to see this cooler on more MSI cards, since the Hybrid Freezer is something that MSI can only be proud of.

The guys over at Bit-tech have taken a closer look at the widescreen Samsung Syncmaster 2253LW 21.6-inch LCD monitor. With its awkward 21.6-inch screen size this one certainly stands out of the 20 and 22-inch crowd. With a native resolution of 1,680 x 1,050, 300cd/m2 of brightness, 1,000:1 contrast and 2ms GTG response time this one sounds like a great deal. Unfortunately, the steep price and the lack of HDMI doesn't do this LCD justice, making it a solid, but unspectacular performer.

The relentless Anand had a chance to pick up some Nehalem action. As you may know, this guy always does his job well, so he casually decided to pick, not one, but two of these babies for some testing. After a bit of history lessons, some basic info on the Nehalem and its socket, Anand wanted to press this baby hard. Unfortunately, due to the early sample motherboard fact, we will have to settle for this, at least for now. The Hyper Threading is back, and it brought the integrated memory controller and the L3 cache with it. As Anand said, "Intel has done it again," and AMD might find itself in much more trouble when Nehalem hits the streets.

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