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Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay shown

by on06 June 2008

No, this isn’t a late April Fool’s joke

No game has had more stops and starts and a strange history than the long-awaited Duke Nukem Forever title from developer, 3D Realms. It seems that any time that any of us suggest that it could be possible that it is finally going to be more than just vaporware, the backlash starts.

Well, since the teaser trailer that we saw last December from 3D Realms, the Jace Hall show has actual gameplay video from the game in his latest video show segment.

The video from the game only lasts a couple of minutes and it starts at about the 2:33 mark of the video. The first part is a short interview with George Broussard and Scott Miller and then you are treated to about two minutes of gameplay footage. From what we can see in the video, the gameplay does look quite good with several weapons being shown.

While it is hard to tell much from a two-minute video, it does look like much progress has been made since the trailer that we saw in December. Now, it might be really worth suggesting that they are finally on the right track to complete this game. As is normal, no real indication of when we can expect to see a finished product was announced, but it does breathe new life into the hope that Duke Nukem Forever will finally be released someday.

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