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Microsoft claims multiple exclusives to be announced

by on21 May 2013

Will have to wait till E3, however, to learn them all

Microsoft is putting out the word that the company has lots of exclusives and surprises to announce that will be going along with the new Xbox, but the majority of them will be announced at E3. The reason is simply that E3 is all about games, and that is where the company is planning to be talking about all of these new titles.

While the news that Microsoft has a lot of titles coming is good news, but, of course, we want to know more about them; however, the focus of this event will clearly be on the new hardware and the company’s vision for that new hardware. Entertainment features such as the expected announcement of the HDMI In connector are certain to get lots of talk time.

While we are sure that we are going to see gameplay of Call of Duty: Ghosts and some EA stuff, it is likely that if you are expecting just gaming titles news the press conference could be a disappointment. While the company is looking to strike a balance between the gaming and entertainment uses of the new console, it will not be easy.

We can clearly give Microsoft one hint: if they show the actual new console hardware packaging so those watching can see what it looks like, they will have already beaten Sony’s PS4 press conference. Those watching the Sony press conference were most disappointed by the fact that Sony didn’t show off the actual new box containing the new hardware.

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