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Sony claims PS4 launch line-up is best yet

by on15 May 2013

Said to be stronger than any previous PS launch

Sony is claiming that the launch line-up they have coming for the PlayStation 4 is the best launch line-up yet in the history of PlayStation console releases. While the majority of the launch titles remain a mystery, we do know that because of the hardware selected for the PlayStation 4 development is easier and the ability to port titles to the PlayStation 4 is much quicker than it has ever been.

The news could be an indication that Sony already feels that they have a much stronger number of initial launch titles than Microsoft will have for its new console. Rumors have suggested that Microsoft’s development of titles for its new console might be struggling a bit by comparison. Of course, this is based on rumors and we will not know the real truth till E3, but its press conference could tell a lot.

Sources tell us that Sony has already selected an internal launch date for the new console and the company is on point to make sure that the mistakes of previous launches are avoided at all costs. Sony is looking to get the PS4 off to a strong start, and the best way to do that is a great selection of games when the console is released.

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