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Tegra 4 was pushed because of Tegra 4i

by on13 May 2013

Claims Nvidia CEO

Nvidia's CEO Jen-Hsun Huang mentioned a concrete reason of Tegra 4 delays during the company’s latest earnings call.

The chip was announced back in January, but Jensen told the investors that Tegra 4 was delayed because of Nvidia's decision to pull in Grey aka Tegra 4i in for six months. Pulling Tegra 4i in and having it scheduled for Q4 2013 was, claims Jensen, the reason for the three-month delay in Tegra 4 production. On the other hand, we heard that early versions of Tegra 4 were simply getting too hot and frankly we don't see why Nvidia would delay its flagship SoC for tactical reasons.

Engaging the LTE market as soon as possible has been the main reason for pulling Tegra 4i, claims Jensen. It looks to us that Tegra 4 will be more than three months delayed but we have been promised to see Tegra 4 based devices in Q2 2013, or by the end of June 2013.

Nvidia claims Tegra 4i has many design wins and it should be a very popular chip. Nvidia expects to have partners announcing their devices based on this new LTE based chip in early 2014. Some of them might showcase some devices as early as January, but we would be surprised if we don’t see Tegra 4i devices at the Mobile World Congress next year, that kicks off on February 24th 2014.

Jensen described Tegra 4i as an incredibly well positioned product, saying that "it brings a level of capabilities and features of performance that that segment has just never seen". The latter half of 2013 will definitely be interesting for Nvidia's Tegra division and we are looking forward to see the first designs based on this new chip.

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