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Samsung 5G hits 1Gbps in tests

by on13 May 2013

Commercialization by 2020

Samsung has announced that its first 5G devices have managed to hit speeds of up to 1Gbps in internal testing. The South Korean giant said 5G uses a much higher frequency band than other standards, allowing higher speeds, allowing users to share huge amounts of data, like high definition video.

However, 5G is still years away. Samsung hopes to commercialize the technology by 2020, which is in line with EU plans to transition to next generation networks. Many carriers in Europe are just starting to roll out 4G services and most of the continent is still on 3G.

Although 1Gbps on mobile devices, or even desktops, sounds very impressive indeed, it also sounds like overkill for the time being. Bear in mind, however, that we’re at least seven years away from widespread adoption. By then 1Gbps probably won’t sound so outlandishly quick.

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