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Desilets canned by Ubisoft

by on08 May 2013

Says he will fight for his rights and his game

In less than two months after returning to Ubisoft by way of the THQ IP purchases, Patrice Desilets has apparently been canned by Ubisoft in a surprising move. Ubisoft acquired the two projects that Desilets was heading up only known by their codenames, 1666 and Underdog.

Initially, it was thought that Desilets and Ubisoft had cut a deal for his return. While Ubisoft is painting the departure as nothing more than Desilets leaving, Desilets tells a different story of being terminated in person and escorted from the building by two security guards without being able to collect his personal belongings or saying goodbye to his team.

Despite the way that Ubisoft is painting the situation, Desilets claims he will fight for us rights, his team and for his game. He has also stated that any claims that Ubisoft might have are baseless. So far, Ubisoft has not commented and is likely not to comment till all of the legal wrangling is done.

There is no word on how this might affect either of the projects that Desilets was heading up.

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