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Has the Wii U been hacked to play copied games?

by on01 May 2013

The group that developed the Wii mod chip says so

The group that was apparently responsible for developing the mod chip for the Wii U has struck again, claiming that they have developed a mod chip that is able to play copied versions of games. The group claims that it has completely reverse engineered the Wii U and the drive authentication, disk encryption, file system and the other things necessary to produce the new mod chip. Still, the evidence is a bit thin as the group advises to stay tuned for additional updates.

Nintendo takes the claims of the hacking of its console seriously, and they investigate reports of anything that might allow the play of unauthorized content on all Nintendo platforms. This news is no different and the company is investigating, of course, but the company is confident that systems in place to block pirated content are still secure.

Of course, the Wii U’s firmware can be updated on both the drive and the console to address potential problems, but if it turns out that the claim is accurate, Nintendo would have to be concerned that the new security measures were gotten around so quickly.

This will be interesting to follow to see how this ends up, but it is quite possible that Nintendo might have to push out another update quickly to address this issue on the heels of the big update it just released.

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