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May 21st reveal confirmed for Xbox Next

by on25 April 2013

Being called A New Generation Revealed

The May 21st expected reveal of the Microsoft Xbox Next has been confirmed by Invites that have been sent to the media. The invitation from Microsoft is calling it “A New Generation Revealed”.

The event will take place in Washington at 6 pm PST and will be streamed live on as well as shown live on the Spike TV channel. The event will take place on the Xbox campus. Microsoft has been clear to point out that this is just a taste of what to expect, with more coming at E3 where the company will showcase its full game lineup for the new console.

Expect the May 21st event to be more about technology and vision with a splash of some cool thrown in for good measure. Expect Microsoft to tease some titles for the Xbox Next and some of the new things it can do, but we think E3 is where they are really going to get down to it.

If you are an Xbox fan this, of course, will not be something to be missed; and we expect that Microsoft will try to make sure that they avoid some of the areas that people found disappointing around Sony’s reveal of the PlayStation 4.

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