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Nordic Games buys slew of THQ IP

by on24 April 2013

Has been working on a deal since January

A good majority of THQ’s unsold IP and back catalog has found a home with Nordic Games. Among the titles that we know they picked up are Darksiders, MX vs ATV, Titan Quest, and Red Faction. In addition, Nordic Games has picked up a slew of other unannounced THQ games, as well as other IP.

Nordic has been in discussion with THQ since January and has been working toward a deal. While Nordic did apparently place bids in the first auction, many of the most popular titles were simply too rich for the publisher’s resources.

The plans for the purchases are to make sequels from the purchased titles. Nordic has secured 50 THQ games in all, but till the ink is dry on the final contracts they don’t look to release a final list. Nordic will start looking at developers to handle the development of the sequels sometime this summer, but don’t expect any new releases from the acquired IP that soon.

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