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Order & create a pizza with your 360

by on24 April 2013

Kinect Pizza Hut app out for download now

Want to order a Pizza Hut pizza for delivery from the comfort of your couch using your Xbox 360? Xbox 360 owners only have to download the Pizza Hut application that was released today, and their search for the menu and phone number is at an end.

The application allows users to order anything from the full Pizza Hut menu, including pizza, pasta, breadsticks, and drinks, all for delivery right to your door. You can configure the pizza with any toppings you like, and they share the news that you placed your order over Facebook (if you are so inclined).

It remains to be seen if this will really catch on, or if it will be just another novelty. We do think that from a marketing perspective it is a good match; but the question is if it will be able to continue to hold the interest of the Xbox 360 user community and if they will continue to use the application. Only time will tell, and if it is successful, there is no predicting what you might be able to order from your couch.

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