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XFX Black DD Radeon 7790 1075M Boost reviewed

by on25 April 2013


On the whole the HD 7790 delivers pretty good performance for just 120 euro. We should bear in mind that it sits halfway between low-end and mid-range cards, so we shouldn’t expect too much in terms of performance. Judging by our tests, the HD 7790 is sufficient for gaming on resolutions up to 1680x1050, with high detail settings and antialiasing. At 1080p it is still possible to have some fun, but with less antialiasing and details. Even at 1080p it is possible to achieve a good balance between performance and quality, which is very good news for gamers on a tight budget.

XFX Black Edition cards traditionally pack only the best GPUs and another thing we should take into consideration is the high quality cooler. The GPU is factory overclocked from 1000MHz to 1075MHz, which is nothing spectacular. Then again we believe this is AMD’s doing, as all AIBs decided to overclock their HD 7790 cards to 1075MHz. The factory overclock did not result in any noteworthy performance gains, but once we tried tinkering with the clocks we managed to hit 1260MHz for the GPU and 1700MHz for the memory.

The Black DD R7790 is also notable for using the Double Dissipation cooler, which ensures that the card remains cool and quiet at extremely high clocks.

The Radeon HD 7790 is about 20 percent faster than the regular HD 7770 and it is a much better option for gaming. The HD 7850 is even better, but then again it costs about 40 eura more than the HD 7790. In other words, the HD 7790 offers very good value for money, even without the game bundle.

The Black DD R7790 has plenty of overclocking potential and it ships with a top notch cooler. It costs about 10-15 euro more than a reference card and we believe it is worth it, easy.

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Last modified on 25 April 2013
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