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OCZ Vector 256GB pitted against Corsair Neutron GTX

by on18 April 2013



Compressible data is data that shrinks in size when lossless compression is applied, opposite to incompressible data which does not does not shrink or grow in size when compression is applied.

As you can see below, ATTO Disk benchmark certainly favors the OCZ Vector, especially when it comes to reading and writing smaller files which is something that OCZ has been quite proud of. The maximum performance tops out at an impressive 559MB/s for read and up to 554MB/s for write which are definitely the most impressive results we have seen so far in this product class.

OCZ vector atto

Corsair’s Neutron GTX certainly holds its ground, but still loses to the Vector in both maximum speed as well as performance with smaller files.



Last modified on 18 April 2013
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