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Apple gear is boring

by on17 April 2013

Android is a mess

Microsoft has been trash talking the rivals claiming that Apple’s iOS was boring and Android is a mess.

Microsoft's Terry Myerson, who heads Microsoft's Windows Phone group, knocked the competition said that Jobs’ Mob lacked any urgency in doing anything new. He said when iOS 5 came out and there was a fifth row of icons and not much else you can only reach the conclusion that Apple has run out of steam and iOS is getting boring. Apple has ceded ground, not only in sales, but also in its once-unassailable position as king of cool, to rivals like Samsung, Myerson said.

Myerson smacked Google's Android as well as its Chrome OS project saying it was a mess. Chrome OS was as locked down as any locked-down pre-regulation version of Windows ever was or is. Google's claim it isn't planning to merge Android with Chrome OS was "just BS." he said.

Microsoft has taken swipes at Facebook Home before. Two weeks ago, after Facebook unveiled the app-slash-interface for Android, Microsoft's head of communications, Frank Shaw, belittled it as an old idea that was little more than a copy of what Windows Phone launched in 2011.

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