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Eric Schmidt excited about upcoming Motorola smartphones

by on16 April 2013


A new set of products

While speaking at AllthingsD's Dive Into Mobile conference held in New York, Eric Schmidt showed quite a bit of excitement regarding upcoming Motorola smartphones. In his exact words, Motorola "have a new set of products that I have seen that are phenomenal".

Usually when Executive Chairman of Google say that your upcoming product is great or in this case, phenomenal, it puts a lot of pressure on the competition and this comes at a time when Samsung and HTC are finally ready to start to seriously sell their new flagship smartphones. Of course, Google's CFO Patrick Pichette has previously discredited any of Motorola's upcoming products and describing them as not having the "wow" factor that Google likes to see, so this statement from Eric Schmidt actually comes as a real surprise.

He continued by saying that with the prices falling in the industry we should "wait and see for this next generation of technology" as it is very impressive. He also noted that the upcoming devices should be considered "as phones plus", whatever that means. Of course, bear in mind that all of this came from a man that, on that same event, enthusiastically supported what Facebook has done on the Google Android OS with its Facebook Home.

There have been some rumors regarding upcoming Motorola so called X-Phone but Motorola managed to prevent any leaks and hide those pretty well, at least if there is something to hide indeed. On the other hand, we might see something impressive from Motorola and Google on one of the future Google I/O conference.

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