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Dell pledges loyalty to Microsoft

by on16 April 2013


Will still do Windows RT on ARM

Dell has taken a stand closely by Microsoft's side and has announced its commitment to stay true to Microsoft Windows RT on ARM.

Dell noted that next-generations of their XPS 10 tablet are currently under development and will be indeed based on Windows RT OS. While Samsung said that it does not want to do anything with Microsoft Windows RT on ARM, Dell might end up to be Microsoft's strongest partner.

In an interview for IDG News Sevice posted at, Dell's vice president, Neil Hand, noted that the company has future generations of its XPS tablet under developement and that it runs on Windows RT. Neil admitted that the adoption of Windows RT turned out to be slower than the company hoped but also noted that "over the long haul" it simply does not matter if its Windows on ARM, Windows on Intel or, for that matter, Windows on anything else.

Unfortunately, there was no talk regarding the specs of the future generation XPS 10 tablet but he did say that the devices will be lighter and faster. Currently, the XPS 10 with Windows RT sells for US $449 while similar Windows RT tablets offered by competition still hold firmly at US $499.

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