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NHL 14 to feature the best EA Sports technology

by on16 April 2013

Will arrive for 360 & PS3 on September 10th

EA is looking to take things up another notch with the release of NHL 14. With the release of NHL 14 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 10th in North America and September 13 in Europe, the company will use the best technology that EA Sports has developed in this generation to deliver the best version yet of the NHL franchise.

Fans of the NHL video game franchise can look forward to the new “Enforcer Engine” that will utilize the same technology used in Fight Night to deliver the most realistic on-ice fighting experience that the franchise has ever offered.

That’s not all. The game will utilize an enhanced new NHL Collision Physics that comes from the FIFA Player Impact Engine that will greatly improve the player physics and how the skaters move and react, to make it look even more life-like. This will be an additional improvement over the physics enhancements that arrived in last year’s version of the game.

An all new version of the ‘Be a Pro Career Mode’ is on tap to allow fans to live the life of a real NHL player both on and off the ice. The off-ice elements will be a new addition to the game this time around.

EA is looking forward to leveraging the technology from its other games to deliver an even better NHL experience in NHL 14. It remains to be seen how this really impacts the end product, but the just-released trailer does show off some of these new technologies in action in NHL 14; and it does look like it could be the best version of the NHL franchise yet.

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