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Haswell-E supports DDR4

by on12 April 2013

4-channel memory

Even before Ivy Bridge-E hits the market, Intel is busy working on a successor to this ultra high end processor simply codenamed Haswell E. Ivy Bridge-E is on schedule to launch in Q3 2013, using the same LGA 2011 socket, existing X79 chipset as well as four channel DDR3 1866 support.

There have been some rumours that Intel even considered cancelling this chipset in favour of speeding up the launch of Haswell-E, the next generation high end enthusiast chip, but so far that hasn’t been announced to partners.

Haswell-E has support for upcoming DDR4 memory as well four channel memory, promising much more bandwidth compared to the previous generation. It comes with up to 12 or 16 cores and should deliver tons of computing power.

Looking at the server side of things, four channel DDR4 memory and 12 to 16 cores will make a great chip for high end servers and sitting at 130W. It won't save a lot of trees in the Amazon, but it will offer a lot of compute power. At current schedule Haswell-E should show up in later part of 2014, in case Intel doesn’t change its mind and speed up the introduction of this new enthusiast core.

E is supposed to have DDR4 IMC, but DDR4 is still quite far from being finalized and mass produced.

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