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Always connected not a requirement for 720 games?

by on12 April 2013

It is now expected 720 will also support used games

It seems that the rumors of what ‘always connected to the Internet’ is going to mean for the Xbox Next/720 have taken an interesting turn; sources are now reporting that always connected isn’t apparently a requirement to play games, but will be necessary for other things that the console supports.

The news isn’t surprising, with all of the talk of the expected integrated TV functionality that we told you about yesterday. The rumors of the always connected requirement sent what can only be described as a shock wave through the Xbox user community; but that was nothing compared to the outrage over the rumors that used games would not be playable on the new console.

This rumor, too, has seemed to take on a life of its own. Now a number of sources are reporting that Microsoft will apparently allow used games on the system and has no plans to block used titles. The always connected rumors made many jump into the feeding frenzy of believing Microsoft was planning to use this as part of its used game blocking technology.

What the Xbox Next will actually be and what features it is going to have seem to be a game of speculation where no one is really sure who knows what. We are thinking that Microsoft saw the impact of Sony not having actual hardware to show at their press conference and that may be one of the reasons Microsoft is waiting. They are waiting till they have hardware to show and that the features as well as software is as finalized as they can be.

VGLeaks has some interesting things here that are matching the latest we are hearing.


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