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Masked morons arrested in Ireland

by on10 April 2013

Owning a gun lowers your IQ

If you want proof that owning a gun is bad for your brain cells have a look at what happened in Sligo.

If you are a gang who makes a fortune running drugs it is not usually a good idea to boast how hard you are on Facebook. The masked morons posted images of themselves online armed with a shotgun and an axe and showed off their rifle and handgun.

Dubbing themselves the “Fort Hill Ultras” and “Hill Boys Elite” they thought they were cut above the rest because they had the weapons. Unfortunately the advert on Facebook alerted the Irish coppers who nicked the lot of them. During the raids, coppers recovered a sawn-off shotgun, an imitation firearm and €50,000 worth of drugs including shedloads of valium. The Gardai’s elite Regional Support Unit were involved in the swoops.

One cop told the Sun: “These people are a laughing stock and if they didn’t post these images there might not have been any police operations." They think they are big time gangsters but they’re not the brightest criminals Irish coppers have dealt with, police said.

Just to show how clueless the gang was, one of the snaps showed a painting hanging on the wall. All it took for coppers was a visit to one of the gang member’s houses and there was the painting.

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