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Google purges 60,000 apps from Play Store

by on09 April 2013

And they won’t be missed

Google has apparently removed about 60,000 apps from the Play Store in recent weeks. TechCrunch reports the deletions peaked in February and they look a bit like spring cleaning. Google is planning to launch a revamped version of Google Play in a matter of weeks, so it was time to take the garbage out.

It is still unclear how many apps were killed or what were Google’s criteria for the appocide. It seems that most of the apps were, for lack of a better word, utter crap. Since these horrible apps also tend to have a number of security issues, the move might also help Google fight the spread of malware and spam. It is a bit like draining a pond to get rid of mosquitoes in a malaria ridden village.

Unlike Apple, Google doesn’t vet apps before they end up published at the Play Store. This means that all sorts of terrible apps were, and still are, carried by the Play Store.

Sadly though, we feel Google could delete tens of thousands of apps more without anyone noticing.

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