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Possible to build a bomb in duty free

by on08 April 2013

All that searching is pointless

All that searching you and keeping you from taking water on your flight is all pointless because it is possible to build a bomb from things you can find in the post search duty free shops.

Security expert Evan Booth has been showing the world the futility of the current airport by making himself a remote controlled bomb from stuff he bought from duty free. The igniter did require more than two years of research and was based on available materials that are sold in stores that are located behind the customs at airports.

It is built with a zippo lighter, disposable lighters, tape, dental floss and a remote-controlled drone, it uses a mobile phone via a wireless network to operate. The drone uses the zippo lighter to operate and is built using disposable lighters. It is easy to cause a fire, but Booth has demonstrated how to make a bomb explode.

Booth said that it is possible to have dangerous weapons on board a plane even if you have bought “legal” things. Booth has made a bow and arrow from stuff he had bought in a shop in an airport using an umbrella, hair dryer, socks, a leather belt and condoms. Once he made a crossbow from an umbrella, floss, grab a toy, a rolkoffertje, a straw and tape. He also made a blow gun for firing arrows. Another weapon he made was a club from a gift, what magazines, floss, a leather strap and tape. He used this to crack a few coconuts.

Booth said that current security systems do not work and it is better to make sure that the wrong people are checked at the airport before coming to the airport. He told the United States government about his research and they have not got back to him. [They will, as soon as they sort out some Gitmo accomodation issues. Ed]

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