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Hackers go nuclear on North Korea

by on05 April 2013

Hacking Twitter

Hackers broke into at least two of North Korea's government run websites and went nuclear on the nation’s glorious Twitter and Flickr accounts.

The North's Uriminzokkiri Twitter and Flickr accounts normally show a different sort of photoshopped photo of North's leader Kim Jong Un meeting with military officials. However this time the photoshopping was less flattering as it depicted Kim's face with a pig-like snout and a drawing of Mickey Mouse on his chest. Underneath, the text reads: "Threatening world peace with ICBMs and Nuclear weapons/Wasting money while his people starve to death."

Another posting says "We are Anonymous" in white letters against a black background. Anonymous claimed to have compromised 15,000 user records hosted on and other websites.
The North's official website has been shut down.

Tweets on the North's Twitter account said "Hacked" followed by a link to North Korea-related websites. One tweet said "Tango Down" followed by a link to the North's Flickr page.

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