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Futuremark releases 3DMark for Android

by on02 April 2013

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Comparing Android with other platforms

Futuremark has now officially announced the release of an Android version of the 3DMark benchmarking software for Android. The new 3DMark for Android is developed in cooperation with many important names in the industry and should be an ideal benchmark for over 1,000 Android devices that can now be compared to devices on other platforms.

The new Android edition of 3DMark will include two benchmarks, Ice Storm and Ice Storm Extreme. Both benchmarks are based on OpenGL ES 2.0 and enable you to compare the performance of devices running Android, iOS, Windows, and Windows RT in order to give a better picture on what competition is offering despite the fact that it runs on different OSs.

The Ice Storm test is aimed at Android smartphone or tablet devices and includes two graphics tests that should put some strain on GPU and a physics test that will measure the CPU performance.

The Ice Storm Extreme is quite similar but raises the resolution to 1080p and uses higher quality textures and post-processing effects. The Ice Storm Extreme will also soon be available in the Windows version as well, which should allow for direct comparison of Windows and Android based tablets.

Currently, the new 3DMark is available on Android and Windows OS while Windows RT and iOS editions are expected to come soon, according to Futuremark.

You can find more info here.

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