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Lazaridis is not flogging his Blackberry shares

by on29 March 2013

Even if he is quitting

BlackBerry co-founder Mike Lazaridis has announced that he has no plans to flog his shares in the former company known as RIM even if he is quitting the board.

Lazaridis was the former co-CEO's of RIM and he announced his exit from the board on Thursday as it reported its first quarterly earnings since launching its make-or-break new BlackBerry 10 smartphones. He said he was really proud of what was built at RIM, and he thinks he is leaving it in good hands. Lazaridis said he wanted to remain one of its largest shareholders.

He owns 5.7 percent of the outfit and co-founded RIM in 1984. Lazaridis and co-CEO Jim Balsillie stepped down in January 2012, as the company was hammered and the BlackBerry 10 ran behind schedule. It was his idea to make Thorsten Heins chief executive and then he said that he would help st Thorsten and his team in the completion of the development of BB10. Now that job is done he is quitting.

Doug Fregin and Lazaridis announced their new $100 million Quantum Valley Investments fund earlier this month. Lazaridis used some of his cash to found the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, said he sees the quantum computing field "producing opportunities in the near-term."

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