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Google wants to control Swedish

by on27 March 2013

Language council hits out

Swedish Language Council is furious at the way that Google tried to control the nation’s official language.

The Council approved the use of the new word “ogooglebar" which means "ungoogleable" the list included words like "brony" and "mossgraffiti" but Google did not want "ogooglebar" used.
In its complaint against "ogooglebar" featuring on the list of new words, Google sought a revision in the definition of the word, noting that the word should be defined as something which "cannot be found on the Web with a search engine."

However to the council this was like stuffing IKEA meatballs with horse meat. Rather than revising redefining "ogooglebar" as desired by Google, the Swedish Language Council decided to delete the word from the list completely. The council expressed their "displeasure with Google's attempts to control the Swedish language."

The outfit said that if Swedes want to have "ogooglebar" in the language, then they will use the word and it's our use that gives it meaning and not a multinational company exerting pressure.
Knowing that it might offend Google it might be a good idea to use the word, even if you are not Swedish.

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