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New Ecco seeks funding

by on26 March 2013

$665,000 Kickstarter push

The team that created Ecco The Dolphin is seeking funding to create a new game in the spirit of the original Sega Genesis title to be called Big Blue, an underwater adventure game. The team of ten that would be working on the game plan for the title to take a year to complete and will use the Unity game engine. It would be released for Windows PC, Mac, iOS, and Android to start with.

The team has gone to Kickstarter and is looking for $665,000 in funding, with the title to be released on or about April 22nd, 2014. (The release of the game is apparently to be in time with Earth Day 2014.) Ed Annunziata, who created the original title, will be heading the development team.

While the title promises to embrace the spirit of the original Ecco titles, the game will be set one million years in the future, with the gaming promising to be beautiful, mysterious and terrifying. It will deliver a unique gaming experience, according to Annunziata.

The team also has a number of stretch goals, should the Kickstarter funding exceed the required amount by over 50 percent. If that happens cooperative multiplayer would be added, as well as the ability to share environments and complete quests as a team. Should the funding exceed two times the funding goal, then the plan would be to make the new title into an MMO that would be a sort of Ecco MMO in the sea. A number of funding level bonus offerings are available.

If funding of the game is successful, the hope is that perhaps Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo would get on board, and a possible console release might then be possible. As of right now, however, no console release is planned; but the Android version will be playable on the upcoming Android consoles, such as the Ouya. However, it isn’t clear what, if any, enhancements for these Android consoles the game would support.

From what we can tell, the title seems to have a lot of potential and the prototype screenshots and video look spectacular.

Read more here and have a look at the interactive prototype.


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