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Sony patent reveals Google Glass competitor

by on25 March 2013

At least it’s not a smartwatch

Sony might be working on a device similar to Google Glass. TechCrunch came across a Sony patent filed late last year, which seems to show a head mounted display with information displays for both eyes.

Google Glass has a single display, but then again it already exists and it is a bit older than Sony’s concept. Sony’s HMD device is built on a traditional glasses frame with 2D displays. The screens are also movable, allowing the user to fine tune the placement of the device. 

It also features a couple of earbuds, cameras and battery packs, but it is still just a concept and we might not see it in action anytime soon. Unlike Google, Sony has plenty of experience with wearable devices, HMDs and augmented reality products.

However, we are not sure HMDs are the next big thing. They are very pricey and they are not very practical in quite a few situations. We’re not sure they’ll be something people will actually want to wear, either. Some tech hacks have already coined a new word for Google Glass users – glassholes. Paying $1,500 for the privilege of being called one doesn’t seem like a very good investment in our book.

Last modified on 25 March 2013
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