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Asus stops taking Eee PC 900 orders

by on29 May 2008


To prepare for Eee PC 901


Although Eee PC 900 hit the marked just one month ago, Asus is already stopping its orders. Allegedly, this move is made in order to prepare for its Intel Atom-based Eee PC 901.

So, if you're keen on getting one of these, there might be hope for you yet, but you'd probably be better off waiting for Eee PC 901, since it launches on June the 3rd.

Eee PC 900 is seen by some as just a transitional product that was supposed to compete with HP’s VIA C7-M-based Mini Note. That way Asus would still keep its market share, rake in some quick dough and happily wait for Intel to start shipping Atoms.

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Last modified on 29 May 2008
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