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Supreme Commander 2 gets patched

by on18 March 2013

After a two-year wait, next major patch released

PC players of Supreme Commander 2, which was developed by Gas Powered Games, are in for a bit of a shock. (Yes, the same Gas Powered Games which almost recently went under!) A new major patch has been released for Supreme Commander 2 after a two-year wait since the last patch was released.

From what we have been able to ferret out, there is no real relevance to the timing of this patch release. It had always been planned for release once it was finished and it has been in the works for over two years.

The full patch notes are available on Steam, and from what we can tell, it might be worth pulling the game off the shelf and blowing the dust off it. Looks like a number of improvements and fixes have been made to the game, which could make it worth playing again for RTS fans of the game.

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