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Video game sales in US fall of cliff

by on15 March 2013

Down 25 percent in February

Sales of video games in the US appear to be tumbling. NPD Group reports that sales plunged 25 percent in February.

The decline affected the entire industry, including games, accessories and hardware. Hardware sales dropped 36 percent over last year, reports SlashGear. Software fell 27 percent and it is estimated that roughly one half of games were sold in retail.

Video game sales in February totalled about $1.2 billion. Microsoft reported a significant drop in Xbox 360 sales, which is hardly surprising since a new console is coming soon. Sony and Nintendo did not release any sales numbers, but analysts reckon Nintendo’s new Wii U is underperforming.

Sony’s new PlayStation 4 is expected to appear in time for the holiday season, so it is safe to assume that Sony is also seeing a downturn.

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