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Sign-ups to test Next Xbox are fake

by on15 March 2013

You don’t want to click on this stuff

Microsoft’s Major Nelson has let it be known that anyone or any site offering you the chance to test the Next Xbox are fake. Yes, they are attempting to scam you, so be warned, says a Tweet from Major Nelson.

The numbers of pages and Emails offering a chance to test the Next Xbox as well as the PlayStation 4 are increasing, and the scams are just that: scams. In most cases, it is an attempt to harvest information such as Emails and other personal information. This is information you don’t want these scammers to have.

Nelson also admits that if there were to be some sort of beta test of the next Xbox it would come via an Official Microsoft channel. We doubt, however that this will happen, as Microsoft has access to all the beta testers it needs with its own employees; so why would they seek more beta testers outside the company?

So there you have it… be smart and steer clear of these scams.

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