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Apple sues Samsung again

by on12 March 2013

Last time worked so well 

After Apple largely failed to meet any objective in its patent war with Samsung, the outfit is back at it with yet another court case. The new law suit is about the latest batch of Samsung products which Apple claims nicked its ideas.

US District Judge Lucy Koh asked both parties what they think about the idea of staying the new lawsuit while the first case goes up on appeal, but Apple wanted to open the new case. Apple said that any delay would "seriously and irreparably prejudice Apple,” cause a long-term loss of market share and of downstream sales and loads of small fluffy animals would die if the case did not go ahead.

It claims that this case is different because Samsung has made different products and Apple will have to troll with a different set of patents. Apparently this case is about newer phones like the Galaxy S III and iPhone 5. However Samsung pointed out that Apple is likely to use some of the same trial tactics that shouldn't have been allowed in the first case and are now up on appeal.

Judge Koh issued a short order (PDF) stating simply, "In light of the parties’ joint status report, the Court will not stay the case." She also reiterated her earlier instructions to significantly narrow the claims in the case. The new lawsuit is still scheduled for trial in 2014. Looks like Apple trollage will go on for years without managing to stop Samsung.

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