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Woman tries to sell kids on Facebook

by on12 March 2013

Going cheap

A US woman has been arrested for trying to sell her kids on the social notworking site Facebook.

Misty VanHorn, a 22-year old mother of two in Sallisaw, Oklahoma, found herself short of cash over the weekend and hit on the wizard wheeze of flogging her kids for $4000. VanHorn offered the 10-month old girl for $US1000 but if you collected the set you could take them $US4000. You had to arrange your own pick up and delivery and apparently someone had put in an offer for Arkansas.

VanHorn needed the cash to bail her boyfriend out of jail. Since the bail bond was only $1,000 it is not clear what she wanted the rest of the cash for. Since kids cost a lot to feed. Now she is locked up and held on a $US40,000 bond and does not have any kids to flog off. The kids have been taken into care.

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