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Apple boss brought to book

by on11 March 2013

Anti-trust antics

Apple CEO Tim Cook is likely to be dragged into court in the government's lawsuit against the company over alleged price-setting in the e-book market.

US District Judge Denise Cote on Friday said she will hold a telephone conference on March 13 to consider the government's request for Cook's testimony. Apple is the only one remaining defendant in the lawsuit brought against the iPhone maker and five other publishers last April for allegedly conspiring to raise prices of e-books to challenge the dominance of

So far all the publishers have backed down, leaving Jobs’ Mob insisting it was perfectly ok to set up a cartel which fixed the price of ebooks. The government asked in March 6 Cook's testimony. So far the Justice Department is not seeking monetary damages but a judicial decree that Apple violated antitrust law. This will allow Apple to be sued while at the same time forcing it to behave in the future.

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