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Three new Kabini parts leaked

by on08 March 2013

E-series dual cores

AMD is expected to launch the first Kabini parts in a quarter or so and although they are not designed to break records, they have a lot of potential and we believe Jaguar based parts are the most interesting thing coming out of AMD this year.

CPU World has learned that three additional Kabini SKUs are on the way. We already reported on quad-core X-series parts and a number of E-series chips, but it seems AMD has a few more on the drawing board.

Sadly though, we still don’t have any specs. The new parts are the E1-2100, E1-2500 and E2-3000. All three are Jaguar based BGA dual-cores with 1MB of L2 cache. There is no word on clocks or any specifics, but it is more than likely that the new chips will replace E1-1500 and E2-2000 APUs based on the Bobcat core.

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